Big Gay News – End of the DADT Era

Military Gay Ban Repealed

CBS reports that at 12:01 am EDT Tuesday, September 20th, the US military’s ban on openly gay servicemembers was officially repealed. Gay soldiers can now serve openly. Almost the entire military has undergone training related to repeal. The different branches of the military have been accepting applications from gay recruits for weeks, and those applications will now go forward.

Marines Hit the Ground Running in Seeking Recruits at Gay Center

The New York Times reports that following the repeal of ‘DADT,’ recruiters from the US Marine Corps set up a recruiting booth at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. Although the marines were among the most opposed to repeal, the branch was the only one of the five branches invited to show up.

Rep. Sally Kern Says Gays Are Still A National threat, Worse Than Terrorism

The Washington Post reports that Oklahoma Republican State Rep. Sally Kern, in an interview during her recent book tour, said that homosexuality is a bigger threat than terrorism. “In the last 20 years, 15 to 20 years, we’ve had maybe three terrorist attacks on our soil with a little over 5,000 people regrettably losing their lives. In the same time frame, there have been hundreds of thousands who have died because of having AIDS. So which one’s the biggest threat,” said Kern.

Gay Couple to Sue Illinois B&Bs That Wouldn’t Host Civil Union

The Associated Press reports that a gay couple has decided to sue two Illinois Bed & Breakfasts that refused to host their civil union ceremony. The Illinois Dept. of Human Rights found “substantial evidence” that a civil rights violation was committed, which allows the couple to sue Timber Creek B&B and the Beall Mansion.

Post-‘DADT,’ Gay Navy Lt. Marries

Politico reports that just minutes after DADT was officially repealed, Navy Lt. Gary Ross and his civilian partner, Dan Swezy, were married during a ceremony in Vermont. Ross told the Associated Press before the ceremony, “We feel that it’s important that as soon as we’re allowed to commit to each other that we do.” While Lt. Ross is now able to serve openly, his partner will not receive any of the benefits entitled to opposite sex military spouses.

Play About Prop 8 Makes its Broadway Debut

The Wall Street Journal reports that 8, a play based on the court fight over California’s ban on same-sex marriage ban, debuted on Broadway Monday, September 19th. The play, written by screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, debuted just hours after a federal judge ruled video from the trial should be unsealed. Black wrote the play using the transcript from the trial. The play premiered as a one-night-only reading at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre.

Nashville Paramedic Suspended for Anti-Gay Postings

The Tennessean reports that the Nashville Fire Department has suspended veteran paramedic Kevin Kennedy after a hearing found he posted on both his and the Nashville Fire Dept. Emergency Medical Services’ Facebook page that being gay was a perversion. He also told two gay EMS workers to “crawl back into the closet.” Kennedy was suspended for two months and will have to pay for and show proof of participation in an anger management and diversity training program.

Scott Brown Defends Gay Rights Record from Democratic Criticism

The Boston Globe reports that US Senator Scott Brown has responded to Democratic criticism over his gay rights record by releasing the text of a speech he was to deliver as he received an award from the Log Cabin Republicans. Brown touted his vote last year in favor of repealing DADT. Critics point to his opposition to gay marriage and the ENDA.

Gay Iranians Launch Online Campaign

YNetNews reports that GLBT Iranians have launched a Facebook campaign to highlight the discrimination they face in a country where being gay is punishable by death. Their Facebook page, titled “We are Everywhere”, includes personal stories and links to anonymous YouTube videos.

Effort to Repeal Colorado’s Gay Marriage Ban Dropped

The Associated Press reports that an attempt to repeal Colorado’s same-sex marriage ban has been stopped by the college students who organized the effort. Mark Olmstead, who was behind the idea said he would give up the attempt to collect the 86,000 signatures necessary to put the repeal on the 2012 ballot. Apparently, the repeal didn’t have the support of the state’s gay rights groups.

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