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BigGayNews from California:
A Gay Leader Emerges In The ‘Hood

The LA Weekly Times reports that Deshawn Cole came out at Watts’ Imperial Courts project, blazing an inner-city trail.

Cole is working hard at making the most of being a young, black gay man in the tough projects, where homosexuality is often seen as a waste of manhood. While he isn’t the first to come out as gay in the gang-riddled neighborhood, he is certainly the first one to be out and proud, according to his mother.

Now, working as a recreational aide at the Imperial Courts Recreation Center, Cole is becoming a respected community figure whose principles, energy,, and kind-heartedness have helped to change the attitudes of many residents of the Watts neighborhood towards GLBT people.

BigGayNews from Arizona:
Arizona Town OKs Gay Unions Despite State Threats

The Washington Times reports that state law may not allow for same-sex marriages, but city council members in Bisbee, Arizona, couldn’t care less.

The small town voted 5 to 2 to pass the measure legalizing same-sex civil unions, even in light of warnings from Attorney General Tom Horn, who threatened legal action if it passed.

Arizona state law bans same-sex marriage, but there are a number of loopholes regarding local governments’ ordinances that are both unclear and untested.

BigGayNews story from New Jersey:
Gay Slurs By Coach Renew Issue Of Bullying At Rutgers reports that just as Rutgers University began to emerge from the homophobic cyberbullying of Tyler Clementi, the school finds itself embroiled in another controversy — this time centered on bullying and anti-gay slurs hurled at basketball players by their coach.

While the school has since fired coach Mike Rice, it still begs the question of how safe and accepting the atmosphere on campus is toward GLBT students.

Troy Stevenson, executive director of Garden State Equality, stated: “Homophobia, harassment, intimidation, and bullying should not be tolerated in our society. We address this issue in our classrooms and it’s high time we address this in our locker rooms.”

BigGayNews from California:
Magic Johnson’s Openly Gay Son Grateful For Dad’s Support

ABC News reports that Magic Johnson’s support for his openly gay son is being applauded.

Earvin “EJ” Johnson III, one of the former L.A. Lakers star’s three children with wife Cookie, was photographed hand-in-hand with his boyfriend on Tuesday.

The basketball legend responded to the photo by stating that he and his wife “love E.J. and support him in every way. We’re very proud of him.” Johnson has been a longtime supporter of the GLBT community since revealing that he was HIV-positive in 1991.

BigGayNews from the United States:
What Classic Sitcoms Taught Us About Gay Rights

The Daily Beast reports that before Hillary Clinton, Rob Portman and President Obama were championing gay marriage, Sophia Petrillo, Julia Sugarbaker, and Mrs. Garrett were equal-rights crusaders.

Long before the likes of “Will and Grace” and “Glee”, many classic network comedies were showing audiences that being gay was nothing to be ashamed of and that the old adage of “love thy neighbor” meant accepting them for themselves and not for who they chose to love.

BigGayNews from China:
Taboos Push China’s Gay Men To Wed Women

Aljazeera reports that activists fight for GLBT rights as pressure to produce offspring pushes country’s gay males to marry unsuspecting women.

While the situation is not a new one, nor is it limited to China, some researchers believe that China’s strict one-child policy puts a great deal of pressure on gay men to marry and produce a child to appease their parents.

Homosexuality is still considered taboo in many of China’s less developed provinces, which can also result in gay men marrying unsuspecting women in order to hide their sexuality and gain acceptance within a fairly rigid society.

BigGayNews from Canada:
Gay Owners To Close Restaurant, Sick Of Insults

The Winnipeg Free Press reports that a new rural Manitoba restaurant is suddenly closing its doors following a series of homophobic verbal attacks against the two gay owners.

Pots N Hands, which served home-cooked, made-from-scratch lunches and dinners, had been open since last December, but due to verbal harassment and intimidation from some members of the Morris community, the owners—who asked that their names not be published for fear of retribution—have since decided to leave the community entirely.

One of the restaurant’s co-owners stated: “It got to the point of being out of control by this certain group of people. This has been a very difficult decision. I cannot tell you how this has affected us on so many levels.”

BigGayNews from France:
Gay Couple Badly Beaten In Paris

Gay Star News reports that, as the Senate discusses same-sex marriage and adoption, it is believed there are more attacks happening against gay people in France.

Wilfred de Bruijn and his partner Olivier, who were walking arm in arm, were attacked and badly beaten by several men in the 19th district of Paris on April 6th, and describe their experience as experiencing “the face of homophobia”.

Photos that they posted of their injuries have gone viral, and have resulted in many liberal blogs and websites claiming that the recent protests against the “Marriage for All” bill have led to this, and other, attacks on GLBT people in the French capitol.

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