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BigGayNews from Washington, DC:
Justices Say Time May Be Wrong For Gay Marriage Case

The New York Times reports that as the Supreme Court on Tuesday weighed the momentous question of whether gay and lesbian couples have a constitutional right to marry, six justices questioned whether the case, arising from a California ban on same-sex marriages, was properly before the court and indicated that they might vote to dismiss it.

Several justices appeared sympathetic to same-sex marriage, but indicated that there appeared to be no principled way in which to issue a ruling that could apply only in California or only in the nine states which currently have civil union or domestic partnership laws while withholding the word “marriage.”

This left the court with a seemingly all-or-nothing choice before them: either a ruling that would require same-sex marriage in all fifty states or one that would say that all states may do as they wish. Neither of these choices seemed particularly attractive to a majority of the justices.


BigGayNews from Mississippi:
The County Where No One is Gay

CNN Opinion reports that statistically speaking, Franklin County in southwest Mississippi — known for its pine forests, hog hunting and an infamous hate crime — is home to exactly zero same-sex couples, according to an analysis of census data.

It’s a place where gays do not exist…at least on paper, likely due to the dubious lack of legal protections for GLBT people in the state.

John Sutter found that there are gay people in Franklin Country….they just choose to remain invisible to their neighbors, who are oftentimes more than happy to choose to believe that GLBT people exist only elsewhere and not in their small, close-knit community.


BigGayNews from the United States:
Pediatrics Group Backs Gay Marriage, Saying It Helps Children

The New York Times reports that The American Academy of Pediatrics declared its support for same-sex marriage for the first time on Thursday, saying that allowing gay and lesbian parents to marry if they so choose is in the best interests of their children.

The academy feels that same-sex marriage, as with opposite sex marriage, benefits children by helping to guarantee rights, benefits and long-term security, even if it currently does not ensure access to federal benefits.

The four year, ten page report found that a child’s well-being is more affected by the strength and stability between family members, along with the family’s economic and social resources, as opposed to simply the sexual orientation of the parents, and that a two parent household of either gender combination is more beneficial than a single parent household to the raising of the child.


BigGayNews from Oregon:
Oregon’s Lonesome Pizza Shop Apologizes After Anti-Transgender Slur Appears On Menu

The Huffington Post reports that an Oregon-based pizzeria has renamed their bread sticks after some members of the local transgender community deemed the menu item’s name offensive.

The owners of the Portland-based pizza restaurant apologized for the item, called “tranny stix”, which also featured a photo of the shop’s co-owner, Nic Reddy, in drag.
BigGayNews from the United States:
Mazel Tov – Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association Elects Gay Rabbi As Leader

Queerty reports that an openly gay rabbi has been elected the leader of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association, which represents one of the most progressive denominations in Judaism.

Rabbi Jason Klein is the first out gay leader of any major rabbinic organization.

Klein stated: “Coming out and growing into my adult Jewish identity would not be the same were it not for affirming teachers, rabbis and other mentors along the way. I am honored to be able to give back by supporting colleagues who are creating welcoming communities in hundreds of settings across North America and beyond.”

BigGayNews from Russia:
Historic Russian Court Ruling – Gay Pride Is Legal

Gay Star News reports that a Kostroma regional court made a landmark ruling saying that gay pride events were previously illegally banned by the authorities.

According to Press Secretary of the Kostroma Oblast Court Julia Medvedeva, the court found that the rallies and marches did not promote a “propaganda of homosexuality”, but instead were a manner of conveying information to the public.

Moscow Pride and events founder Nikolai Alekseev plans to continue the fight against bans throughout Russia, and stated: “It will take time, but we’ll get there.”

BigGayNews from New Zealand:
New Zealand Close To Legalizing Gay Marriage

CBN News reports that same-sex marriage is likely to be legal soon in New Zealand.

Recently, lawmakers passed a bill by 77 votes to 44 to allow gay marriage; this is the second of three votes needed before the bill becomes law.

New Zealand currently recognizes civil unions.


BigGayNews from South Africa:
Zanele Muholi, South African Photographer, Highlights Lesbians, Transgender Women

The Huffington Post reports that South African photographer and activist Zanele Muholi puts the spotlight on her nation’s lesbian and transgender community in her new exhibit, “Faces and Phases.”

Capturing the images in timeless black and white, Muholi hopes to educate the South African people, and  influence policy regarding the GLBT community and inspire others to share their stories.

She states: “You need to change the image in order to educate people. My work instills visual activism. It’s one thing to theorize about GLBT rights, but it’s something to visualize the people that you are talking about.”

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