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Gay Marriage Legal in Maine
Maine has become the fifth state in the United States to legalize gay marriage. Shortly after the Legislature passed the measure, Governor John Baldacci signed it into law. At a news conference, he said, “In the past, I opposed gay marriage, while supporting the idea of civil unions. I have come to believe that this is a question of fairness and of equal protection under the law, and that a civil union is not equal to civil marriage.” Passage of the legislation may not be the final word, however, as same-sex marriage opponents can bring the issue up for a statewide referendum.
High School Accused of Barring Gay Students from Restrooms
Kentucky Equality Federation received reports that a Franklin County High School official allegedly e-mailed teachers instructing them not to allow gay students to leave class to use the restroom. The e-mail was sent after two female classmates were caught kissing in the public restroom. In response, 15 students protested outside the school. Although Superintendent Harrie Buecker stated that steps are being taken to address the students’ concerns, Kentucky Equality Federation was concerned they would not be treated fairly.

Court Rules First Same-Sex Weddings Invalid
A Greek court has ruled that a number of same-sex weddings performed last year are invalid. Couples took advantage of a loophole in Greek civil law, which doesn’t specify gender in matrimony, and took vows last June on the island of Tilos. Although the case is on appeal, lawyers for the defendants fear the appellate court decision won’t be different, because of the conservative nature of the Greek court system.

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