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Gay Ottawa Teen Who Killed Himself Was Bullied

The CBC reports that Allan Hubley, father of 15 year old Jamie Hubley, who committed suicide in October, spoke to reporters about the bullying that led to his son’s death.  According to Hubley, Jamie suffered from depression and had been bullied by his peers for being the only openly gay student at his school.  Jamie left a suicide note on his blog saying, “I’m tired of life, really. It’s so hard, I’m sorry, I can’t take it anymore.”

Washington State Releases Names on Anti-Gay Rights Petition

The Associated Press reports that Washington state officials released copies of petitions from 2009 that forced a vote on a domestic partnership law.  Those opposing domestic partnerships had argued that releasing the signatures could put them at risk of harassment.  Gary Randall, a spokesman for the group Protect Marriage Washington, said “I believe there will certainly be harassment, and I pray to God there isn’t more than that.”

Gay High School Cheerleader Kicked Off Squad After Kissing Another Boy

The Daily Mail reports that a 17 year old openly gay teen boy was kicked off the Alice High School cheerleading squad in southern Texas last week after he was allegedly seen kissing another boy.  The boy told reporters he was being unfairly targeted and that, had he been kissing a girl, he would not have faced disciplinary action.  The school district released a statement saying, “The matter is still under review by the district.”

House Republican Group Defends Marriage Law in Benefits Lawsuit

Bloomberg reports that three Republican members of the House of Representatives Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group are defending the federal Defense of Marriage Act in a case brought by a lesbian federal employee seeking health insurance benefits for her legally married wife.  The congressmen said in an October 14th filing in the case, “There is nothing intrusive in the least about DoMA.  It is simply a definitional statute that defines, for federal law purposes, marriage and spouse.”

Christian School Vandalized Before Anti-Gay Speaker’s Appearance

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that a Christian school was vandalized in October, the same day a controversial anti-gay speaker was scheduled to appear at a fundraiser.  Several windows and a door were shattered at Christian Liberty Academy by bricks scrawled with messages demanding that anti-gay activist Scott Lively be prevented from appearing at the event.

California Gay History Repeal Referendum Effort Fails

The Los Angeles Times reports that an effort to repeal California’s new state law requiring textbooks to include the contributions of GLBT Americans has failed.  Opponents of the law had 90 days to collect 505,000 signatures to put the measure on hold and place it before voters.  A statement from one of the groups supporting the repeal, The California Family Council said, “The abbreviated timeline and lack of funding made this attempt extremely difficult from its beginning.”

NJ School Officials Investigate Teacher Over Anti-Gay Facebook Rant

The New Jersey Star Ledger reports School Officials in Union Township, New Jersey are investigating high school teacher Viki Knox following allegations she posted homophobic comments on her Facebook page, criticizing the school’s GLBT history month display.  Lawyer John Paragano, who said he was contacted by a parent, is calling for the teacher’s dismissal.  He told reporters, “Hateful public comments from a teacher cannot be tolerated. She has a right to say it. But she does not have a right to keep her job after saying it.”

California Transgender Bills Signed Into Law

The Huffington Post reports that California Governor Jerry Brown signed two transgender rights bills Monday.  The first bill makes it easier for transgender Californians to update their birth certificates.  The other bill adds additional protections for transgender people in the area of employment and housing. Sells for $500,000

The Register reports that the Internet address has sold for $500,000.  That makes it the most expensive domain name sold under the new .xxx extension, which hasn’t gone public yet.  The domain was purchased by Liberty Media Holdings, which produces adult films under the name Corbin Fisher.  Regular .xxx sales begin in December.

Minnesota GOPers Join Marriage Amendment Opposition

The Associated Press reports that a group of Republicans in Minnesota announced their opposition to the proposed statewide constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.  The group, including state Rep. John Kriesel of Cottage Grove and former candidate for governor Wheelock Whitney, held a press conference to announce their help to defeat the ban.  Minnesota’s state GOP Chairman Tony Sutton says the party will support its platform position of opposing gay marriage.

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