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Teacher Won’t Apologize for Anti-Gay Facebook Post

WKMG reports that Florida high school teacher Jerry Buell has refused to apologize for Facebook comments about New York’s recent decision to legalize same-sex marriage, saying it made him “sick.” He also called gay marriage a “cesspool.” Buell has been removed from the classroom temporarily pending an investigation by district officials.

NJ Bridal Store Refuses to Sell Lesbian a Dress

Reuters reports that Alix Genter was not allowed to buy a wedding dress after the manager of a Somers Point, New Jersey, bridal shop found out she was marrying another woman. The manager called her wedding an “illegal action” and refused to sell her a dress. There’s no word whether Genter will sue the store, but New Jersey does bar discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in public accommodation.

Deportation Case Dropped Against Same-Sex Couple

The Huffington Post reports that the Obama Administration has ended deportation proceedings against a legally married gay couple following an announcement that the administration has shifted the focus of its immigration policy. US citizen Doug Gentry’s Venezuelan-born husband of six-years, Alex Benshimol will not be deported.

Gay Birds as Faithful as Straight Pairs

The Telegraph reports that a new study of zebra finches shows that same-sex pairs sing to and preen one another as much as heterosexual pairs. Julie Elie from the University of California Berkeley said, “The research showed relationships in animals can be more complicated than just a male and a female who meet and reproduce, even in birds.” The study appears in the journal Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology.

Christine O’Donnell Walks Out on ‘Piers Morgan’ Over Gay Marriage

Reuters reports that former Delaware U.S. Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell walked off the set during an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan in August after she was asked questions about gay marriage. O’Donnell was promoting her new book, Troublemaker. After Morgan asked questions about gay marriage, she accused him of being rude and, shortly thereafter, walked off the set.

Soldier in Gay Officer Facebook Threat Avoids Jail

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that former Australian soldier Marcus Andrew Georgiou who set up an anti-gay Facebook page that threatened to cut a gay officer “into a hundred pieces” has been discharged into the care of his doctor for 18 months. That’s in lieu of a prison sentence after it was learned that he was suffering from post-traumatic stress and paranoid schizophrenia while on duty.

UFC Champion Says He Won’t Train with a Gay Fighter

USA Today reports that champion UFC fighter and trainer Rodrigo Nogueira said in a recent interview that he would not train with a gay student. “What if the gay person has that malice of having physical contact with me, of staying there grappling? I would have no problems having a gay student in my academy, but I would rather not train with him.”

ACLU Sues School District Over Censorship Of GLBT Websites

The Huffington Post reports that the ACLU is suing a Missouri school district on behalf of PFLAG, the Matthew Shepard Foundation, and other organizations for using software that filters out websites geared to the GLBT community. The ACLU argues that the software illegally denies students access to relevant educational information on discriminatory grounds.

Virginia Board Extends Time for Comment on Gay Adoption

NBC reports that Virginia’s Board of Social Services has decided to allow more time for public comment over whether it should allow state-licensed adoption agencies to discriminate against potential adoptive or foster parents based on their sexual orientation. The board unanimously decided to extend public comment for 30 days.

Adam Carolla Retracts Anti-Transgender Slurs

USA Today reports that TV host Adam Carolla has apologized for comments he made on a podcast in August about transgender people. “When did we start giving a shit about (these) people?” He later responsed, saying, “I’m sorry my comments were hurtful. I’m a comedian, not a politician.”

Jamaican TV Rejects J-FLAG’s PSA

The Jamaica Observer reports that Television Jamaica (JTV) has refused to carry a PSA for the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians All-Sexuals and Gays (J-FLAG). TVJ cited concerns about the PSA’s structure and “other things.” A spokesman for J-FLAG said, “Since we are not directly or indirectly promoting anything that is illegal, love is not illegal, we don’t see why we shouldn’t be able to go forward, so we are going to continue our discussion and hope that we can quickly come to some solution to have it aired.”

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