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Violent Murder in Myanmar Prompts Police Warning to Gay Community
The Myanmar Times reports that, following a local gay man’s vicious stabbing death in May, police in Myanmar have blamed the man’s “lifestyle” in part for his death. They argued he “created the opportunity for the murder to be committed” through his lifestyle. Homosexuality is illegal in Myanmar. A suspect has already been arrested in the case.

Last Inmate Gets Parole in Houston Gay Beating Death
The Woodlands Villager reports that Jon Buice, the last of ten men convicted for the 1991 brutal murder of openly gay Paul Broussard, was granted parole Friday, just three days before the 20th anniversary of his murder. Buice and nine other male high school students beat, stabbed, and stomped Broussard to death outside a Houston area gay bar. Buice was found to have delivered the stab wounds that ultimately led to Broussard’s death. Broussard’s family said they were stunned when they learned Buice was paroled after serving only 19 of his 45 year sentence.

Obama Administration Asks Appeals Court To Reinstate DADT
The AP reports that the Obama administration is asking the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider its order last week to halt further enforcement of the military’s ban on openly gay service members. Lawyers for the Justice Department said the order would interfere with the “orderly process” already underway to repeal the ban. In a statement, the Justice Dept. said, “Any court-ordered action forced upon the military services so close to the completion of this repeal policy pre-empts the deliberate process established by Congress and the President to ensure an orderly and successful transition of this significant policy change.” Attorneys for the Log Cabin Republicans, who originally brought the case, responded to the administration’s decision, saying, “It is sad and disappointing that the government continues to try to prevent openly gay and lesbian Americans from serving in our armed forces.”

Bachmann Under Fire Over Husband’s Anti-Gay Therapy Practice
The Washington Post reports that Minnesota congresswoman and GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann and her husband Marcus are being criticized by mental health professionals for providing so-called “reparative therapy” to gay clients. Marcus Bachmann has denied the center offers the therapy, but undercover video released by ABC News shows a therapist at the center telling a gay client he could become straight through prayer. Bachmann has declined to comment on the video footage, but said she was “proud” of their counseling business.

California Gov Signs Landmark Law to Teach Gay History
FOX News reports that, following Gov Jerry Brown’s signature Thursday, California becomes the first US state to require public schools to include gay history in social studies classes. In response to critics the legislation’s author, San Francisco Sen. Mark Leno said, “We should not be afraid to teach our children of the broad diversity of human experience.” The state must now draw up guidelines for local school districts and their teachers to determine what should be included in the curriculum.

Florida University Breaks Barriers for Trans Students
by Ellen Krug
The University of South Florida, located in Tampa, announced earlier this month that applications for dormitory housing for the upcoming school year will contain a new category of gender: “transitioning,” for transgender students. This is an expansion from the traditional “male,” and “female,” gender categories. This groundbreaking change in school housing options came about after a transgender student complained of a “negative experience in on-campus housing” last year, according to a USF press release. That student, Taylor McCue, worked with USF housing officials to devise a new housing arrangement that takes into account the unique issues facing transgender students who are transitioning.
Under the new plan, if a student checks, “transitioning,” on the housing application, university housing officials will present the student with the option of a single dormitory room with bathroom or a two bedroom suite with shared bathroom. The transgender student can designate a specific person as a roommate.
The most controversial aspect of the plan is that the transgender student can elect to simply play the housing lottery and be assigned a roommate randomly based on the transgender student’s assigned gender at birth. As the plan presently exists, the randomly selected roommate would not be advised of the transitioning status of his or her roommate.

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