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BigGayNews from Massachusetts:
GLBT Group To March In Boston’s Veteran’s Day Parade For First Time

The Boston Globe reports that a group representing GLBT military veterans marched in Boston’s annual Veteran’s Day parade, the first time such an organization has participated in the festivities.

The group called OutVets, which serves GLBT veterans, their families and their supporters, is both nonpartisan and nonpolitical, was welcomed by the parade’s organizers from the American Legion.

Stephen Peers, commander of the Suffolk County Council of the American Legion Department of Massachusetts, is one of the organizers and said that they were very happy to have OutVets as part of the parade.


BigGayNews from Mississippi:
TV Campaign For Gay Equality Starts In Mississippi

The Hattiesburg American reports that Mary Jane Kennedy considers herself a conservative Christian Republican who’s led Bible studies in her native Mississippi for decades, but she is also the mother of two gay sons and one of the faces in a new advertising campaign aimed at softening religious opposition in the Deep South to equal rights for GLBT people.

The advertisements, which will begin airing in Jackson on Monday, are the brainchild of the Human Rights Campaign, and will be used in conjunction with direct-mail messages and phone-bank operations as well.

Kennedy, 61, said that she was worried at first about coming out so publicly on such a sensitive topic, but said that her faith eventually led her to see that it was more important to spread love, kindness and caring instead of hiding behind her own fears.


BigGayNews from Missouri:
Legally Married Same-Sex Couples Won’t Be Allowed To Stay Together At City Union Mission

The Kansas City Star reports that even if same-sex marriage becomes legal in both Missouri and Kansas – a matter now working its way through the courts – same-sex couples will not be allowed to stay as couples at City Union Mission’s family shelter.

Dan Doty, executive director of the mission that has served the city for 90 years, said that the organization’s Christian, faith-based program simply cannot change its policy to encompass what they see as inappropriate and against their Christian ideals.

Doty said that they do shelter gays, lesbians and transgendered people, but if a same-sex couple insists on being housed together, they will simply have to refer the couple to another organization who could help them, such as the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph or reStart, Inc., all of whom have said that they will shelter same-sex couples together.


BigGayNews from Rome:
Pope Francis Demotes Anti-Gay Bishop

MSNBC reports that the highest-ranking American at the Vatican was demoted this weekend, after weeks of vocally criticizing Pope Francis’ liberal leadership of the Catholic Church.

Cardinal Raymond Burke, 66, has been very displeased with the more liberal trend that the Church has been taking under Francis’ lead, especially in regards to homosexuality, stating that “the pope is not free to change the church’s teachings with regard to the immorality of homosexual acts or the insolubility of marriage or any other doctrine of faith.”

Burke was removed from his position on the church’s highest court and reassigned to the post of chaplain of the Knights of Malta, a Vatican charity group, where he will have almost no responsibilities.


BigGayNews from Latvia:
Latvia’s Foreign Minister Comes Out As Gay

The Guardian reports that the Latvian foreign minister, Edgars Rink?vi?s, has become the first high-ranking politician in his country and the Baltic states to come out publicly as gay.

Rink?vi?s tweeted on Thursday “I proudly announce I am gay … Good luck to all of you.” This tweet followed one that he made in Latvian which stated: “Our country must create a legal framework for all types of partnerships, I will fight for it, I know that there will immediately be mega-hysteria but #Proudtobegay.”

The tweet quickly went viral, and will likely cause much contention in the small Baltic country where homosexuality is widely opposed.


BigGayNews from Iran:
The Gay People Pushed To Change Their Gender

The BBC reports that Iran is one of a handful of countries where homosexual acts are punishable by death, but clerics do, however, accept the idea that a person may be trapped in a body of the wrong sex.

Because of this, many homosexuals are pressured by both the medical and religious communities to have gender reassignment surgery to “fix” them, leading many to flee the country in order to avoid it.

While supporters see this as being a way of helping gay and lesbian Iranians lead fulfilling lives by putting them into the ‘correct’ body, many more see it as being a problem in which homosexuals are being offered gender reassignment surgery when they are not actually transgender.


BigGayNews from Ireland:
Irish Ad Looks To Inspire Youth To Say ‘Yes’ To Marriage Equality reports that a moving new video encourages young voters in Ireland to register by November 25 in order to vote in support of equality in next May’s referendum on civil marriage for same-sex couples.

The heavily Catholic country has been moving steadily towards GLBT equality since the 1993 decision to decriminalize homosexuality, and civil unions were legally recognized for same-sex couples in 2011.

To help secure victory for marriage equality in the 2015 May referendum, equality advocates are making moves to get the younger generation to the polls, as evidenced by the inspiring new advertisement titled “It’s In Your Hands! Register to vote for Civil Marriage Equality” which says that young people can have a pivotal role in changing their country and making history.

BigGayNews from France:
Sarkozy Places Scrapping of France’s Gay Marriage Laws at Centre of Bid to Be Re-elected As Country’s President 

The Daily Mail reports that Nicolas Sarkozy has placed the scrapping of France’s gay marriage laws at the center of his bid to be re-elected as the country’s President.

59-year-old Sarkozy said he would ‘repeal’ laws allowing same-sex unions, despite his third wife being a huge support of gays marrying.

The vast majority of French people are at least nominally Catholic.

Recent polls showed 68% were in favor of same-sex unions.

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