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Study Shows Homophobia Is Bad for Your Health
The Montreal Gazette reports that a new study from Montreal’s Concordia University finds antigay bullying causes a hormonal disruption known to increase rates of suicide, memory loss, cardiovascular problems, and bone-density depletion. Study author Michael Benibgui said, “This shows that homophobia is bad for your health.” It is the first to demonstrate a biological link between bullying and long-lasting physical and psychological problems.

Police Say Male Prostitute Killed Uganda Gay Activist
According to Agence France-Presse (AFP), Uganda’s Chief of Police has told journalists that the murder of gay-rights activist David Kato was not a hate crime. Instead, police stated that 22-year-old Enoch Nsubuga murdered Kato after he refused to pay Nsubuga as promised for sex. Police say Nsubuga, who was arrested, confessed to the crime.

Poland’s Ruling Party Reprimands Lawmaker
The Canadian Press reports that Poland’s ruling party has reprimanded lawmaker Robert Wegrzyn for recent antigay remarks he made. He criticized the prospect of gay marriage, but said he’d “gladly watch” lesbians. He could be fined up to $350 for the statement.

Transgender Woman Told To Dress Male for Job
Tina Cook, a 54-year-old transgender woman in the United Kingdom, says a job counselor told her that she’d have a better chance of getting a job if she dressed like a man. She has been undergoing the gender-reassignment process since last year, after she lost her job as a construction worker. A spokesman for the United Kingdom Department for Work and Pensions has responded to Cook’s complaint by stating, “Jobcentre Plus is committed to treating all individuals fairly and equally. We are aware of this complaint, and are investigating.”

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