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Being Gay Can Cost You $467,562
According to The New York Times, it costs around $460,000 more to be in a same-sex relationship than an opposite-sex marriage in the United States. The costs were attributed to the inequities placed on same-sex couples by the federal Defense of sex Act (DOMA), which prohibits access to many of the financial benefits opposite-sex couples receive. According to The New York Times, “In our worst case, the couple’s lifetime cost of being gay was $467,562. But the number fell to $41,196 in the best case for a couple with significantly better health insurance, plus lower taxes and other costs. Nearly all the extra costs that gay couples face would be erased if the federal government legalized same-sex marriage.”

DC Marriage Bill Seems Unstoppable
A bill has been submitted in the DC City Council to legalize same-sex marriage. According to most accounts, the measure seems likely to pass easily. Before it can take effect, however, Congress will have an opportunity to review the legislation. Opponents of same-sex marriage in the district admit the bill is likely to become law. In July, DC began recognizing same-sex marriages performed elsewhere. Councilmember David Catania, who introduced the measure, said, “There is no question that we are about to embark on an exciting journey here in the district.”

Montana Supreme Court Rules in Same-Sex Custody Battle
KECI reports that the Montana Supreme Court upheld a woman’s parental rights in a custody battle with her former same-sex partner. Barbara Maniaci and Michelle Kulstad lived together for 10 years. During their relationship, they adopted two children. Montana state law allows only one woman to be the legal guardian. The women split in 2006. Maniaci had legal rights. Kulstad sued for joint custody. The decision was made in favor of Kulstad on the grounds that she served as a parent for both children. The case was Montana’s first same-sex parental-rights trial.

World News

Canadian Man “Lied” About Sex To Give Blood
The Edmonton Sun reports that 36-year-old Kyle Freeman testified in an Ottawa courtroom he lied about having sex with other men when giving blood because he wanted his donations to help others. He told the court he didn’t feel at risk, because he received regular HIV tests, and didn’t have unprotected sex. Canadian Blood Services is suing him for lying about his sexual activity, which would disqualify him from giving blood. The agency asserts that the ban is essential to protect the blood supply. Freeman is countersuing, arguing that the ban is unconstitutional and scientifically unjustified.

Muslim Football Team Refuses To Play with Gay Team
Creteil Bebel, a French football team composed mainly of Muslims, has refused to play the gay team Paris Foot Gay (PFG). The gay team said it received an e-mail from the Muslim team declining to honor a match, saying it was “against their principles.” According to PFG, the e-mail stated, “Sorry, but because of the name of your team, and in keeping with the principles of the team, which is a team of practicing Muslims, we cannot play against you.” PFG, which called the decision homophobic, has threatened to press charges. An unnamed representative from the Muslim team said in a local radio interview it would not back down: “We’re sorry if anyone feels insulted. [But] as a Muslim, I still have the right to decide not to play, because I don’t agree with their philosophy.”

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