Randy Stern

Seven New Vehicles for the New Year

By Randy Stern / December 26, 2011

We no longer live in traditional model years. When September and October rolled around, we knew it was time to…

Requiem for an Automobile Factory

By Randy Stern / December 12, 2011

Once upon a time, almost every major metropolitan area in this country had at least one automotive plant within the…

Ride Review: Chevrolet Volt

By Randy Stern / December 2, 2011

What if you wanted to own a vehicle that everyone’s been talking about? That would include many vehicles out in…

Ride Review: Fiat 500

By Randy Stern / December 1, 2011

Once upon a time, Fiats were commonplace on American roads. They ranged from quirky minicars with two-cylinder motors to sporty…

Ride Review: Lexus CT 200 h

By Randy Stern / November 14, 2011

For the past ten years, I’ve struggled with the subject of hybrid automobiles. There is no question that the combination…

Them & Us: It Does Get Better – Part 2

By Randy Stern / October 23, 2011

If marketing drives a consumer decision, could there be anything else to convince a cultural group to be loyal to…

Them & Us – Part 1

By Randy Stern / October 7, 2011

If money talks, then why do some people refuse to allow around nine percent of the American population to say…

Bear Essentials: A Local History

By Randy Stern / November 6, 2008

About 15 years ago, the bear community began to join together formally in the Twin Cities. Two groups were established…

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