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Homosexuality Officially Removed From Pennsylvania Crimes Code

By Honora Valentine / July 15, 2022

WHYY reports that a ordinance first found in Upper Darby’s municipal code in March 2021 regulating homosexuality as, “patently offensive,”…

Boston Community Comes Together To Cover Vandalized LGBTQ+ Senior Housing Project?

By Honora Valentine / July 14, 2022

NPR reports that more than 100 supporters of a LGBTQ+ senior housing project came together to welcome future residents by…

LGBTQ Support Often Ends At Transgender Rights

By Honora Valentine / July 14, 2022

According to a new poll from Five Thirty Eight while an overwhelming majority of people support same sex marriage almost…

LGBTQ Historian and Activist, Evelyn Bailey Dies At 75

By Honora Valentine / July 14, 2022

Community leader and historian/digital archivist of The Empty Closet in Rochester, Evelyn Bailey passed away July 13th 2022. Read her…

Nintendo of Japan Recognizes Same Sex Unions Before Japan

By Honora Valentine / July 13, 2022

Nintendo of Japan publicly announced that it will offer the same benefits to employees in domestic partnerships with a same…

U.S. Department of Education Opens Comments for Title IX Regulation Proposition; HRC Urges People to Comment Publicly

By Honora Valentine / July 13, 2022

A proposed regulation including sexual orientation and gender identity to protected characteristics of Title IX from the U.S. Department of…

GLAAD Releases Social Media Safety Index Report; All Major Platforms Score Poorly

By Honora Valentine / July 13, 2022

GLAAD just released their yearly Social Media Safety Index for the 5 biggest platforms, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.…

Russian Lawmakers Propose Extension of ‘Gay Propaganda’ Laws

By Honora Valentine / July 12, 2022

Pink News reports that, a 2013 law banning “promotion of non-traditional sexual relationships among minors” may extend to adults soon.Read…

Trans Man Advised to Use Incorrect Bathroom Is Assaulted and Arrested

By Honora Valentine / July 12, 2022

Newsweek reports, Noah Ruiz, a trans man, was assaulted and arrested after using the woman’s bathroom. After being told by…

Governor of Pennsylvania Vetoes Discriminatory Transphobic Bill

By Honora Valentine / July 12, 2022

The Pennsylvania Governor’s office vetoed a discriminatory bill to prohibit trans athletes from competing.Read the full press release at the…

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