Nell Gelhaus

Playing For the Other Team: Adrian Peterson Makes Me a Lesbian Stereotype

By Nell Gelhaus / October 2, 2014

I apologize if I sound like a man-hating, angsty lesbian with penis envy. I’m trying to pay attention to Monday…

Playing For the Other Team: Intra-team Dating – Secret Weapon or Achilles’ Heel?

By Nell Gelhaus / September 4, 2014

All right, ladies. Stop me if you’ve seen this before. Or if you’ve lived this before. It’s day one of…

Playing For The Other Team: Shelly Bean the Sports Queen

By Nell Gelhaus / August 21, 2014

In 1993, Shelly Boyum-Breen was my role model. She was “Coach Shelly” to me then. Mom and Dad had sent…

Playing For The Other Team: Chris Kluwe Has Gone Off The Rails

By Nell Gelhaus / August 7, 2014

Chris Kluwe has become a train wreck, and like all train wrecks, I can’t look away. It pains me to…

06.27.14 7th Annual Fruit Bowl

By Nell Gelhaus / July 24, 2014

06.29.14 Parade Viewing Party for One Heartland at Union

By Nell Gelhaus / July 24, 2014

Playing For The Other Team: Minnesota Represents at the 2014 Gay Games

By Nell Gelhaus / July 10, 2014

“My parents put me in soccer, but I was assigned goalie and more interested in looking at the different types…

Playing for the Other Team: Have We Got a Group For You!

By Nell Gelhaus / June 26, 2014

Athlete Ally. You Can Play. Athletes for Equality. Go! Athletes. Br{ache the Silence. “Too much of a good thing can…

Playing for the Other Team: Pride in Our Sports

By Nell Gelhaus / June 12, 2014

My groom’s dinner (Nellsdinner?), despite Minneapolis’s first tornado watch of the season, fortunately went according to plan. Guests spilled out…

Playing For The Other Team: Scott Cooper, and How to Come Out To Your Football Team

By Nell Gelhaus / May 1, 2014

SB Nation CFB (@SBNationCFB) tweeted on January 28, 2014: “Our @outsports has the story of the first active CFB player…

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