Transgender Father Says Breastfeeding Support Group Rules Unfairly Bar Him From Becoming A Leader

By Linda / August 22, 2012

The National Post reports that a Winnipeg transgender father says his bid to become leader of a breastfeeding support group…

Duluth’s First Gay Bar Opens Downtown

By Linda / August 21, 2012

The Duluth News Tribune reports that Alvin Berg and Vince Nelson made history three weeks ago by opening Duluth’s first…

T-Mobile Endorses Gay Marriage In Washington State

By Linda / August 21, 2012

On Top Magazine reports that T-Mobile USA on Monday announced it would back Referendum 74, the Washington state ballot measure…

Three Kenyan Lesbians Attacked and Sexually Assaulted In Beer Bottle Attack

By Linda / August 21, 2012

GayStarNews reports that two men assault three women who spent the night in the same bed after saying they wanted…

“Gay Hate Day” Taking Place In Cameroon Today

By Linda / August 21, 2012

Pink News reports that African human rights campaigners and leaders are uniting to denounce a ‘Gay Hate Day’ taking place…

Boy Scouts Force Out Gay Leader In Louisville

By Linda / August 21, 2012

The Courier-Journal reports that Greg Bourke was forced to resign last week, about three months after he wrote to Boy…

Play About Gay Man Staged In Conservative Uganda

By Linda / August 20, 2012 reports that a play that revolves around the turbulent life of a gay man in Uganda is being staged…

Manhattan Businessman’s Will Ordered Gay Son To Marry Woman Who Gave Birth To His Child

By Linda / August 20, 2012

New York Post reports the edict surfaced in the will of Manhattan businessman Frank Mandelbaum, who specified that none of…

Gay Afghan Man Sheds Light On His Struggles

By Linda / August 20, 2012

Equities Spotlight reports that in his memoir “It Is Your Enemy Who Is Dock-Tailed: A Memoir”, now released in an…

“Homocon 2012” Party Brings Gay-Rights Platform To RNC

By Linda / August 20, 2012

The Tampa Bay Times reports that GOProud, a gay-rights group of Republicans, is throwing a party at the Republican National…

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