Kathleen Bradbury

On The Fence: An Artistic Solution To A Practical Need

By Kathleen Bradbury / June 26, 2014

“Good fences make good neighbors.” Though Robert Frost penned those words long before our time, this phrase calls to mind…

Our Lavender Family: Kaja and Betsy – Moms Know Best

By Kathleen Bradbury / June 12, 2014

Sometimes, mothers do know best. In the case of Kaja Martinson (32) and Betsy Hawes (33), the intuition of their…

Jeromeo in the Loop: Be Mindful, Be Well

By Kathleen Bradbury / June 12, 2014

When you think of your health, what comes to mind? Do you think about being physically fit? Do you think…

San Diego: A World of Sun-Soaked Adventures

By Kathleen Bradbury / May 29, 2014

When the Minnesota winter got too cruel, many people looked for opportunities to venture away from our frozen tundra. After…

School’s Out: Homework Ahead

By Kathleen Bradbury / May 1, 2014

Light floods in through large windows and illuminates the open space. Empty tables and chairs wait in silence as the…

Push Your Limits With AX Fitness

By Kathleen Bradbury / April 3, 2014

Most people who work out have some insecurity they face every time they set foot in a gym. Some people…

Struck by OKCupid’s Arrow

By Kathleen Bradbury / March 20, 2014

Wedding Day—a day so important that it’s often simply referred to as The Big Day. With marriage equality finally being…

Orangetheory Fitness: Maximum Workout, Maximum Results

By Kathleen Bradbury / February 6, 2014

As the freshness of a new year slowly fades away (and as the winter doldrums slowly begin to claim us…

Lavender Love: Shirlyna and Traci

By Kathleen Bradbury / January 23, 2014

Every romantic couple comes with a unique story. Some loves stories are told and retold, embellished and perfected in order…

A Thrifty, yet Classy Affair: How to (Realistically) Throw a Budget Wedding

By Kathleen Bradbury / October 31, 2013

When Krissy and I got engaged, we were through the roof with excitement. We were thrilled with the prospect of…

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