Kassidy Tarala

‘Anti-racist’ LGBT march tells Jewish flag carriers to leave

By Kassidy Tarala / June 27, 2017

Chicago Dyke March organizers asked at least three individuals carrying Jewish Pride flags to leave the annual LGBT event over…

Pride, with police included, marches on after protest

By Kassidy Tarala / June 27, 2017

Tens of thousands of people packed Hennepin Avenue in downtown Minneapolis on Sunday to cheer on the 2017 Pride parade,…

Struggling Sirens

By Kassidy Tarala / June 8, 2017

Local musician Chastity Brown brings the soul to rock ‘n’ roll in her new album Silhouette of Sirens, which released on June…

Buy With Your Eyes

By Kassidy Tarala / June 8, 2017

Picking the right ring can be as challenging as it is exciting; it isn’t every day you find a diamond…

Pride Festival: Golden turns to Rainbow

By Kassidy Tarala / May 25, 2017

The Second Annual Golden Valley Pride Festival is right around the corner on June 11 from noon to 6 p.m.…

Neighborhood Guide: North Loop and Uptown

By Kassidy Tarala / May 25, 2017

Minneapolis: a city of many hats — or should I say neighborhoods. From Central to Northeast, the neighborhoods of Minneapolis are…

A Mile in My Pool

By Kassidy Tarala / May 11, 2017

The pool is an odd concept. A giant hole in the ground filled with water used for recreational swimming? Sounds…

Kicking the Walls Down

By Kassidy Tarala / April 27, 2017

The rush of running across the playground until your lungs are burning and your blood is boiling with adrenaline. The…

Leg Day, Ab Day, Every Day

By Kassidy Tarala / April 27, 2017

St. Paul is a historical gem in the treasure chest that is Minnesota. With the fortunes of Weyerhaeuser, Hill, and…

2017 Dining Out for Life

By Kassidy Tarala / April 13, 2017

Whether we’re celebrating with friends and family, going out for date night, or just simply too lazy to make dinner…

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