Justin Jones

Through These Eyes: King of the Bullies

By Justin Jones / May 14, 2015

Logan Kinlaw. Seventh grade bully, bully to the gods. I was quiet and awkward; Logan was obnoxious and powerful. We…

Through These Eyes: Nostalgia: A Demonic Possession

By Justin Jones / April 30, 2015

People write down things they want to remember. Buy milk. Clean garage. Find a man. Have kids. Pay Comcast, and…

Through These Eyes: The Incubus & The Old Hag

By Justin Jones / April 16, 2015

Wide-eyed but falling to sleep, unable to move, unable to breathe, consumed in fear. Your night was like every other…

Through These Eyes: Sex Was Sweaty

By Justin Jones / March 19, 2015

Remember when you whispered in his ear and kissed his neck, when you ran your finger down his chest and…

Through These Eyes: Silent Sam

By Justin Jones / March 5, 2015

“And this is Silent Sam,” says a bubbly college sophomore called Ben. I’m a junior in high school, touring the…

Through These Eyes: Boy Diary

By Justin Jones / February 19, 2015

At the suggestion of a school counselor, I started journaling when I was 16. “First,” Ms. Liz told me during…

Through These Eyes: Your Friend, The Comic Relief

By Justin Jones / February 5, 2015

I ran as fast as I could, off the bus, into the streets, into the rain, toward him. I ran…

Through These Eyes: Blow Me a Kiss and Wink Real Nice

By Justin Jones / January 22, 2015

The burden of the monster is to kill. The veterans are precise, their lure, enticing. Their prey does the work…

Through These Eyes: Town Car

By Justin Jones / January 8, 2015

“Dammit Howard, you’re swerving all over the damn road,” my grandmother says. We’re in my grandparents’ Lincoln Town Car on…

Through These Eyes: Unicorn At a Gay Bar

By Justin Jones / December 11, 2014

Cologne, body odor, clothes that smell of cigarettes. The music is a pleasant surprise: ’90s pop—certainly more infectious than the…

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