Jennifer Parello

Dateland: Monkey See, Monkey Do

By Jennifer Parello / May 11, 2017

It’s late at night and my spouse is on the phone screaming at her brother about politics while I’m watching…

Dateland: The Honeymoon Is Over

By Jennifer Parello / April 27, 2017

We clutched hands and gazed intently into each other’s eyes. “I’ve long known your heart, my love,” I said. “And,…

Dateland: Step It Up

By Jennifer Parello / April 13, 2017

When I married last year, I became stepmom to two boys, one in middle school and one in high school.…

Dateland: The “G” Folder

By Jennifer Parello / March 2, 2017

The demand came shortly after we got married, and it chilled me to the core. “You need to cancel your…

Dateland: Ghost Story

By Jennifer Parello / February 2, 2017

I was driving home from work when it happened. I remember looking at the sky just before the phone began…

Dateland: Safe Harbor

By Jennifer Parello / January 19, 2017

Driving home with my dogs in a blizzard a few weeks ago, my car was sideswiped by a semi. As…

Dateland: Pan-demic

By Jennifer Parello / November 10, 2016

Yesterday I was at the zoo with my girlfriend’s tween son, Horace, desperately searching for the otter exhibit. (Note: Horace…

Dateland: Robot Girlfriend

By Jennifer Parello / October 27, 2016

I always thought it would be great to have a robot girlfriend. Finally, someone who will do what I want,…

Dateland: When Babies Attack

By Jennifer Parello / September 29, 2016

My office is currently under attack! A monster is roaming the halls, drooling on things, demanding attention, and thinking of…

Dateland: Wildlife

By Jennifer Parello / September 1, 2016

I came home this morning to find a raccoon in my house. I wish I could say that this is…

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