Holly Peterson

A Fashion For Family

By Holly Peterson / June 6, 2019

The three of us are sitting in the driveway of the home Christopher Straub designed for his family several years…

From Orange County To The Mini Apple

By Holly Peterson / June 6, 2019

Ore Lindenfeld discusses living life as a gay man and an observant Jew, and how religion and sexuality can beautifully…

Unitarian With Pride

By Holly Peterson / June 6, 2019

“It’s like a sing-a-long, a TED talk, a poetry reading, and a concert,” Jim Foti, assistant minister at First Unitarian…

Kickstart My Art

By Holly Peterson / May 9, 2019

Art-A-Whirl is just around the corner! Finally! For the uninitiated, Art-A-Whirl is one of the largest studio crawls in the…

The Cater Innovators

By Holly Peterson / April 25, 2019

Minneapolis and St. Paul have been foodie cities for a while now. From fine dining, exceptional greasy spoons, and artsy…

The Guys Have It

By Holly Peterson / March 14, 2019

Let The Wedding Guys help mold your wedding into the unforgettable experience you’ve always dreamed of. Planning a wedding can…

Minneapolis Is Ahead In The Poles

By Holly Peterson / June 7, 2018

Walking into my first pole dancing exercise class was slightly overwhelming. The class before mine (Pole 5) was just wrapping…

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