The 2020 Civilly-Disobedient Art Experience


Looking north on Chicago Ave, toward 38th Street. Photo by Ryan Patchin

America has faced a summer unlike any other, with civil unrest and a persistently-spreading virus taking over the national zeitgeist. Minneapolis, the unwitting lynchpin to months-long protests, rioting, and demonstrations—has taken a hit.

A mock cemetery rests close to Floyd’s murder site. Photo by Ryan Patchin

George Floyd stands tall on the walls of Lavender’s former headquarters. Photo by Ryan Patchin

Art in motion. Photo by Ryan Patchin

Surely, you’ve heard about the wreckage; I don’t feel the need to bring it up here. This is about a positive side-effect of unrest. You don’t have to look far or hard to notice the amount of street art that has popped-up throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Emotions manifest in different ways for different people, and right now a lot of those manifestations are on display.

Vibrant refeclections on tragedy. Photo by Ryan Patchin

Photo by Ryan Patchin

Smoke in the Pit. Photo by Nikki Landis

The now-closed intersection of 38th Street and Chicago Avenue.
Photo by Ryan Patchin

Who knows how long any of this work will exist, or at least exist in the space where it was initially installed. Take the opportunity while it’s here—plan a day around it, there’s a lot to see.

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