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Someone should let Mother Nature know that she really needs to start springing spring. April is a time for sun, showers, and something, not winter storm warnings. I’ve been sitting at home in a dusty, dank apartment, eating popcorn and watching Bravo, dreaming of being able to put away my thermal wear. One can stomach only so much America’s Next Top Chef before cabin fever sets in.

I pushed the empty soda cans off the coffee table, and propped my Uggs up for an afternoon of tele-enlightenment. I looked at a crumb-laden surface, strewn with newspapers and dirty dishes. I surveyed dark trails of salt and grime crisscrossing the carpet, remnants from a few too many drunk and snowy nights in which my shoes accompanied me all the way from door to bed. I spotted fingerprints on the windows; grease on the stove; and dust so thick on top of the television, I could have planted an herb garden. It was time either to clean or move.

From my perch atop a mound of dirty laundry on the sofa, I flipped through channels in a fog. I stopped on Martha Stewart. She was taking her audience through one of her country homes. It was immaculate. I looked around the room, and then back to the screen. “She must have a team of maids to keep that up,” I though dryly. “Why can’t I have a team of maids?”

And why not indeed? I set to work. I was thrilled to find that, like many larger cities, the Twin Cities is home to several maid- and cleaning-service companies, specializing in a variety of household tasks. Why do your own spring-cleaning this year when you just could leave it to the professionals?

The Maids is a nationally franchised home-service company that promises poise and polish for each of its clients. Like many providers in the area, it is there to make your life a bit easier and a whole lot cleaner. Available for one-time cleaning, as well as regularly scheduled weekly or biweekly visits, it ensures peace of mind, while freeing up your valuable time for other activities.

Each team is equipped with its own vacuums, cleaning supplies, transportation, and keys (should you allow). Usually in teams of two or more—depending on the size of the house—personnel work through a detailed checklist of standard cleaning duties, as well as optional tasks specified by the client, and individually tailored to his or her specific needs.

With so many different companies in the metro area, it may be difficult to decide which is right for you. Look for ones that are “bonded and insured.” So, should something unfortunate happen to your glass figurine collection during the course of dusting, the company is then liable. Also, it handles all taxes and insurance for its employees. Additionally, you may consider a company that is partnered with other service providers for larger or more specialized applications.

The Maids, for example, contracts with separate companies for professional carpet cleaning and exterior/interior window washing. It truly is one-stop cleaning.

The best advice seems to be: Shop around for the service best suited for your needs. Pricing for the majority of companies is done on an individual basis, so get estimates. All providers agree that making the customer feel secure is paramount, so ask questions, and voice concerns.

Envision yourself walking into your completely clean house; kicking off your shoes; and imagining, if only for a minute, that Martha Stewart is watching you, wishing she had your staff.

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