Roger Beck Florist

When grocery stores started carrying fresh flowers, the floral industry got nervous. The slashed prices, the convenience, the accessibility—everything about it spelled trouble. But according to Roger Beck, of Roger Beck Florist, the industry actually received an unexpected boost.

Beck says, “I think it really helped with people getting more comfortable with having flowers as a part of their life. And they still know that if they really want something special—with terrific quality and more unique varieties of flowers—a flower shop is the place they need to go.”

Bottom line: Flower shops offer better service and floral presentation, both of which are not likely to be available at any grocery store anytime soon.

Beck’s shop capitalizes on both, with delivery throughout the metro. His customers often have an appreciation for a more interesting mix of flowers—a stem of lush orchids, or a cluster of eye-catching French tulips, that make a big impact in a bouquet. Additionally, Beck adds visual interest with an unusual container, or how the flowers are used.

Beck explains, “We get people who are asking for all one color, and we do that quite often, or a shorter, more compact arrangement.”

In addition, Beck incorporates organic and locally grown flowers when possible. Organics sometimes aren’t as large as their pesticide-ridden counterparts, but they’re much better for maintaining indoor air quality and a healthy environment, as well as the health of growers and their families.

As Beck notes, “I think the organic aspect is still relatively new to the industry. Really, there aren’t enough people making use of it yet, but there’s a gradual change. There are a couple of local farmers that I’ve worked with, and their product is really outstanding. They’re cutting it, and bringing it right to us, so you’ve eliminated a lot of travel, and the freshness is incomparable when you can get something locally.”

Buying a more artistic, unique arrangement, as opposed to going to the grocery store, often comes with a higher price tag. Pricing irregularities often are caused by weather and shipping difficulties—which the shop unfortunately cannot control. But Beck tries his best to minimize his customer’s expense without lowering quality.

In Beck’s words, “We try to remain competitive, and because we’re paying higher prices for our product, we try to maintain our edge by not charging for labor whenever possible.”

Name of Company: Roger Beck Florist
Year Founded: 1992
President/CEO: Roger Beck
Number of Employees: 10
Address: 1100 E. Franklin Ave., Mpls.
Phone: (612) 871-7080

5100 Eden Ave, Suite 107 • Edina, MN 55436
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