Quernemoen Art Show Debuts at Wilde Roast Café

When Minnesota native Michael Quernemoen thinks back, he can remember winning his first art contest in second grade, as well as various art contests and awards afterward. Labeled the “artist” in the family, he even was given the nickname “Michael Angelo” by his grandfather.

After high school, Quernemoen pursued a career in graphic design, working with various clients including the Saloon, RSVP Vacations, and Wisteria Design Studio, to name a few.

Art Reproduction Courtesy of Mike Quernemoen

Completely self-taught, Quernemoen finds the time to create new art works when the mood inspires him.

Quernemoen says, “At times, there is this force, this energy, that takes over, creating an amazing exchange in this creative process. Time is meaningless, and the current moment is all that exists with this flow. I can start painting, and before I know it, five or six hours have passed, and it’s Midnight or later.”

His mediums tend mostly to acrylics, but Quernemoen occasionally delves into everything from watercolors to oils and other mixed medias. Currently, he explores iridescent and metallic colors along with thick, heavy paint and brilliant glazes to bring the flat canvases to life.

“I want the paint to dance with the light, depending on the angle it’s being viewed—a sort of visual alchemy of mediums,” Quernemoen explains.

Subjects span deep abstracts, portraits, fantasies, or reinterpretations of famous works of art into completely different visuals. Many of Quernemoen’s pieces are vivid and bold, and allow you to interpret each piece in different ways. Some works are more literal, with hidden obscurities you might not catch upon first glance.

The artist is elated to unveil his first dedicated show of gallery works at Wilde Roast Café, starting with an opening on May 17 at 8 PM, and continuing through the end of June.

Quernemoen’s biggest thrill is when he knows someone will give one of his creations a good home to be enjoyed for years to come.

In Quernemoen’s words, “There is a sort of electricity that happens with the transition of a piece to a new owner. It’s wonderful and exhilarating for both of us. And at the same time, it humbles and honors me.”

Quernemoen is proud to donate a percentage of the proceeds from this gallery show to One Heartland, an organization dedicated to improving greatly the lives of children, youth, and families who experience HIV/AIDS and other significant life challenges worldwide.

Contributing to those in need is important to Quernemoen, who remarks, “Giving back to our community is crucial. I definitely give what I can. I hope others feel as passionate as I do—be it about my art, or helping others through various charities. We are in this life together.”

More info about Quernemoen, as well as his personal online Web site showing a span of works, is at www.vivique.com.

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