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 Horoscope for Dec 7-20 Keep your thoughts and opinions under wraps this period, lest they take you on a joy ride that is less than joyful. Mercury in mouthy Sagittarius squares volcanic Uranus. You wanna make something of it? Oh, you will!

Forget about keeping any secrets secret, when Mercury squares Uranus. No matter how hard your try to remain mysterious and under wraps, you wind up wearing cellophane. Proud Rams accidentally (and robustly) broadcast their innermost and sensitive secrets into the general universe. Will you get caught with your pants down? If so, just smile, and dance, dance, dance!

Avoid any pillow talk, when Mercury squares Uranus. Queer Bulls can spill the beans (among other things) during the heights of passion. These assorted beans find a way back to your pack of pals, who can use it against you later on. But don’t let this cramp your style. Love with abandon, and either button your lip, or use your lips for things other than flapping the air.


Life may be particularly stressful for you at work, but hold off before you complain, and air your professional dirty laundry with you-know-who. Pink Twins inadvertently say something controversial that gets back to the power elite. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be controversial. Mild commentary can disrupt the game plan too at this time. My advice: Take a vacation.

Gay Crabs feel that they must attend to every detail, but it may be a good time to survey the forest, and forget about the individual trees. Let things slide if you can. Mercury squares Uranus, making every little task a very big deal. Too much quickly becomes much too much, and you become chained to your desk. Life is too short. Open the champagne, and bathe in it.

Is your appetite too big for your stomach? It will seem so, when Mercury squares Uranus. You are tempted to try everything and everybody…all at the same time! And you will have plenty of fun and festive choices this holiday season. Proud Lions may find that they burn the candle at both ends. What will you do with such a short wick?

Think before you speak around relatives and partners. A great deal of back-and-forth might whip up to a fevered pitch. Mercury squares Uranus, upending any domestic agenda. Of course, for those queer Virgins with a hankering for change, you can be goaded to push issues to the sheer edge. But wait before you leap. It’s a looong way dooown. Thud.

A little opinion can take on gargantuan proportions, should you decide to share it. But the real question is: Are you ready to make a mountain out of a molehill? If not, try to let petty grievances simmer on the back burner, and say nothing this period. Gay Libras can be diplomatic when they want to be. Do you really want to be right, now?

Proud Scorps can become reckless party hounds, when Mercury squares Uranus. And, perhaps even worse, they also become out-of-control wasteful spendthrifts. This regretful combination will seem like loads of fun…until you get the bill. Perhaps you can try to temper your enthusiasm for rascals and flirts. Then again, what a way to go, go go!


Just when you thought it was safe to say what you mean, and mean what you say, Mercury squares Uranus, changing the landscape. Gay Archers are well-advised to keep their opinions to themselves, especially around folks you do not know very well. Of course, you also can insult folks you know very well now, too. Hmm, and why is this different from usual?

Even politic pink Caps run their mouths off track, when Mercury squares Uranus. This is a highly sensitive time. You ache to connect to someone on a deep and meaningful level. However, you might find that innocuous tidbits unexpectedly become big chunks of problems. Avoid any heart-to-hearts for the time being. Closeness is not all it’s cracked up to be, anyway.

Aqueerians may find that friends are more trouble than they are worth right now. Mercury squares Uranus, bringing greedy, needy hordes to your door. Their demands may outstrip your supply. Before you go into a depression or even a recession, set the ground rules, and stick to them. Rule one: The “Welcome” mat currently says “Go Away.”


Even minor career mistakes can throw you way off track in your overall game plan. Guppies work very hard, and it would be a shame to derail your best efforts because of carelessness. Mercury squares Uranus, pushing you out into the spotlight glare. Will you be hoisted on your own petards? Be sure to wear clean petards just in case.

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