Organizing the “New” You in 2008

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After a hearty holiday season of giving, receiving, and taking it easy, you might notice you’ve let your living space descend into a chaotic mess. Aside from lack of motivation, you may have accumulated more possessions, and have yet to find a place for everything.

Each step, even if you take only a small one, should bring you closer to simplifying your life.

Heather Lederman from California Closets offers tips, big and small, for slimming down the clutter. The company first set up shop in Minnesota almost 20 years ago, and its work can be seen in three showrooms in Edina, St. Paul, and Rochester. Founder Neil Balter got started as an 18-year-old college student who, like anyone, simply needed more space.

When revamping the overall look of a room, a custom-made organizing system may be the solution.

“The goal is to make a space for everything,” Lederman explains.

Full systems from California Closets, which can cost a few thousand dollars, come with a lifetime warranty. Installed for you based on your specifications, right down to the length of your shirts, they are available in designs perfect for any room.

Lederman says the end result is to have a place for everything, and to have more control over your surroundings: “You’re not cluttered. You know exactly where everything is.”

Other options can be found at Target, where California Closets has licensed ready-to-assemble systems.

If you’re not ready for an entire system, you have easier ways to get started

“Just getting matching hangers helps make a closet cleaner,” Lederman suggests.

Creative placement of shelves and hangers allows for endless possibilities and maximum space utilization. Dividers can eliminate the clutter that takes over a drawer or bedroom closet.

California Closets can install unique accessories, like hidden sliding tie or belt racks that can be placed inside or outside a closet, and drawer inserts made for jewelry.

Key is approaching organization from a positive mind-set.

“It’s an experience,” Lederman shares. “Make the most of the space you have.”

Each step, even if you take only a small one, should bring you closer to simplifying your life. Solutions lurk in every corner, just waiting for you to find them. It only takes a little imagination and effort to reorganize any room of your house.

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