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The generation of speed and convenience has had a tremendous impact on most businesses large and small, but among the most affected is the floral industry. Whereas years ago one called a local florist to deliver a hand-selected bouque either to celebrate life’s joys or empathize with its sorrows, now, more and more orders are coming via the Internet. Although Internet orders may be convenient, as far as fresh flowers go, impersonal online orders can come at a cost.

Nedved’s Flowers owner Deb Christianson explains, “You get more bang for your buck if you go directly through a florist, because you’re not paying any fees, You pay a lot of fees when you go through Internet services!”

Christianson notes that online customer also may not receive the same quality bouquet: “I always buy top quality flowers, and I try to pick up a lot of fun things that can go in arrangements so they don’t look like what you’d get at a grocery store.”

Inherently, with selective buying comes a more unique arrangement, as well as longer-lasting flowers. Of course, fresh flowers are always lovely, but tend to lose their special impact when everyone in the office has the same arrangement, and it wilts within days.

Speaking with a florist directly can help tailor a bouquet more specifically to a person’s taste or a special occasion. Christianson has received many telephone calls from happy recipients thanking her shop for the lovely work it has done.

In Christianson’s words, “It’s very gratifying when somebody calls and says ‘thank you.’ It’s very nice when that happens, and I get a lot of compliments on my designers.”

Nedved’s supplies flowers for any occasion, including weddings, funerals, and corporate events. It also sells blooming plants, chocolates, balloons, and other gifts. The shop delivers metrowide as well as nationwide.

If you’re not flower-savvy, Christianson suggests simply setting a price range, describing the recipient’s taste or occasion, and leaving the rest up to the designer, as that approach can result in absolutely stunning arrangements.

Nedved’s Web site at is a useful tool to browse what kinds of arrangements and plants are available, or call (651) 690-5474.

As Valentine’s Day approaches—the mixed blessing of every busy florist—Christianson has some words of advice: Plan ahead and save on the delivery fees:

Christianson shares, “If they order early, and if we can deliver it, they’ll get free delivery on Monday, and reduced delivery on Tuesday and Wednesday.”

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