Midwest Triple X

Originally called the Adult Only Superstore, Midwest Triple X is an entirely new establishment owned by James Simmons and Mike Braddock, who had been employed at the previous incarnation.

Simmons explains, “Our background is as auto mechanics and debt collectors and customer service reps. We didn’t have this huge massive bank account, but we knew we could do it right.”

Without a lot of money, they managed to pull off the impossible with the help of family and friends.

As Simmons adds, “We had people who would come down, and work to do demolition and remodel. People have just been responding to what we’re doing, and why we’re here.”

When Simmons and Braddock reopened the store under the name of Midwest Triple X, they did so debt-free.

The result of all that hard work is a different kind of adult store.

Simmons puts it best: “There are a lot of frankly trashy shops out there. I mean, no offense at them—a porn store is a porn store. But we wanted to create a shop where people didn’t have to look over their shoulder when they came in.”

The duo replaced the original fluorescent fixtures with track lighting, and transformed the dark gray walls and unappealing carpet.

Midwest Triple X has expanded its inventory significantly, building a relationship with local artisans to carry high-end products one couldn’t find anywhere else. At most shops, a unique inventory would come with a higher markup, but not here.

Simmons states, “We’re going to offer the best price point on everything. In our shop, as opposed to a lot of the other shops, we’re not going to add $10 just because it comes in a shiny package. I just don’t think that’s necessary!”

To see what Midwest Triple X has to offer, stop by the store, or catch one of its weekly promotions at the Minneapolis Eagle.

Midwest Triple X
Year Founded: 2007
Owners: James Simmons, Mike Braddock
Number of Employees: 4
Address: 207 Washington Ave. N., Mpls.
Phone: (612) 332-8725
Web site: shopmidwestxxx.com

5100 Eden Ave, Suite 107 • Edina, MN 55436
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