Judging Jackson
While it was refreshing to see Oryon emerge as a “genuine person of depth and substance” [Chris Jackson, “Oryon Goes Nova,” Lavender, May 9], what I found a bit disturbing about this article was the fact that the writer was so quick to prejudge Oryon (based upon his physical appearance alone).
I think this article brings to light an important issue within our community: that all too often, an “attractive person” is unfairly judged and “pigeonholed” long before the individual has the opportunity to reveal who they are—beyond their obvious physical attributes. This type of attitude—a sort of prejudice against someone who is “beautiful”—tends to often run rampant within our community.

Should it really come as such a shock, for example, that Oryon is a “real” person? Should it be such a surprise to learn that a good-looking person is genuine—with qualities to offer such as depth, loyalty, substance, sincerity, intelligence, wit, insightfulness, talent, and personality.Why go into the process of meeting anyone with such prejudice and preconceived ideas of “what they must be like”? Why project your negative views onto an individual—without giving them a chance to know them first?

At least Chris Jackson apparently has come around to see “the error of his ways,” considering he realized he was “way off the mark” in his assessments of Oryon. Perhaps he won’t be so quick to judge someone in the future…which, I think, is a good lesson for everyone to learn and to take to heart.

Rodney-Karl Raab

Jackson Replies
You may find it interesting that I agree with you. The tone of the article was to poke fun at this very problem our community, while highlighting the incredible accomplishments of a local hero. It was, I thought, an overexaggeration of a person who would make snap judgments based solely on appearance.Perhaps you, too, are guilty of these prejudgments, as you assume that a single piece of my satirical writing is enough to discern my entire being. Denying the existence of any sort of prejudgment is to ignore human character, no matter how unintentional it may be.

Chris Jackson

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