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So, the lackluster housing market made you decide to stay in your less-than-spectacular home. Or maybe you just finally realized why it isn’t selling. A little remodeling is in order.

Now comes the question: Who’s going to do it. The obvious answer: you. Why not? You have the tools. You built a bookcase in shop class.

How hard can it possibly be? Vision Remodeling might change your mind on that, or at least make you think twice.

According to the US Census Bureau in 2005, homeowner do-it-yourself projects accounted for 20 percent of all remodeling. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) also reports that between 25 and 30 percent of its work comes from fixing all those do-it-yourself projects.

Fortunately, Vision Remodeling has some tips for you.

Yes, just because you have the tools does not mean you know what you’re doing. Sorry for the ego-buster. Nothing feels better than seeing a finished project that you did. But what feels worse? Having your friends and family look at the finished project, and mutter, “How, um…nice.” Professional contractors have been trained in their crafts. They are licensed, bonded, and insured as well. They know exactly what they are doing, and their livelihood is based on how well they do the job. Oh, and, unlike you, they’ve done it before.

A case of beer might get your friends over to help you move stuff, but after 16 hours, it may seem like poor payment, and they quit on you. The professional, who knows he or she doesn’t get paid until after the job is done, will be there until it is done. NAHB reports that 70 percent of remodelers’ business comes from referrals, so they know they need to do a good, timely job. Your friends may just laugh behind your back while drinking that case of beer.

Design and Knowledge
That cool new wet bar in the corner of your basement might be easier to envision than do. Plus, telling your partner you know for sure it couldn’t possibly cost more than $1,000 might come back at you when the credit card bill arrives showing how wrong you were. Professionals not only know how to build your wet bar, but also how to make it “pop” with those materials and colors that are in now. Plus, they can estimate exactly how much it’s going to cost you before you ever slap down your credit card.

Cleanup and Enjoyment
Did you forget that your garbage collector isn’t going to do all the cleanup for you? Or that much of what you end up throwing away can’t just be tossed in the dumpster? By now, the idea of redoing your home yourself may not seem so appealing. So, why not let the professionals help you? They can deal with all of it, and you can enjoy the finished product. Call Vision Remodeling for help. It’s better than calling 911 because you wrongly decided that wobbling ladder would hold.

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