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Metallic Tones

This year, metallics are making a comeback. Colors like bronze, copper and brass are making their way into the home in more ways than one. Not only do these colors work well on walls, or as accent tones, but they are also appearing on fabrics, such as bedding and curtains, accessories, and even embellishments on pillows. These colors are very versatile; they can be the sole color in a room, or can accent any other color, like blue or red, and can create any look, from high fashion, to mellow and earthy. Some colors to experiment with go beyond just silver and gold. Go for colors like pewter, brushed nickel, aluminum, steel charcoal, platinum, bronze and copper.

Leather is Better
Leather has always been a staple in modern furniture. From overstuffed leather couches to simple exquisite leather chairs, people have relied on leather to enhance style in any room of the house. Once again, leather is in this year, but with a softer touch. No longer is black leather the most obvious approach to adding class to a room. Caramel, cappuccino, cocoa and cinnamon, as well as feminine colors like light pink and blue are making their debut in leather furniture, and are expected to make waves in 2008.

Vegetable Gardens
With the price and popularity of organic vegetables climbing, it is no doubt that many people are opting to grow their own veggies. The basics, like carrots, tomatoes, peppers are always healthy and in style, but new ideas are gaining more ground in the gardening world. Italian veggies such as flat onions, cauliflowers and herbs like rosemary are different ideas that could add some color to both your garden and diet.

Garden Lighting
When done correctly, landscape lighting has not only a functional aspect, but also an aesthetic purpose, leaving a garden pleasing to the eye. Illuminating your outdoor space can transform even the most mundane garden into a spectacular and visually stimulating setting. With pathway lights and water fountains equipped with submersible lights, you can accent areas in the garden that you want to be seen and ignore those sparse areas you’re not so proud of.

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