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Home & Yard Blvd. SectionEco-Friendly Paints: Low-VOCEveryone knows that a fresh coat of paint can turn a dull room into a vibrant, lively center of any home. But paint has never had a good reputation for smell or its eco-friendliness. Thanks to consumer demand for healthier paints, there are low-VOC options.VOC is short for volatile organic compound. They have been around for decades and can enhance paint performance and durability while going a bit greener.
Steam Clean That Mess
Steam Cleaning systems coming in a variety of forms and a variety of prices. They can be used to clean virtually any surface—tile, shower doors, and appliances. The beauty of these systems is that they use absolutely no chemicals. The steam cleaner takes ordinary water and heats it up, and when sprayed onto a surface it will get rid of dirt, grim, and germs.Best of all, they are green!

Cabinet Lighting Moves Beyond Functional
As kitchens have become more than a food storage and preparation area, kitchen cabinet lighting has gone from purely functional fixtures to helping transform the traditional purpose and nature of the kitchen itself.These lights must address certain aesthetic concerns such as lighting color and brightness, color rendering of illuminate surfaces and interior design.

Countertops Made Out Of Recycled Glass
Countertops made of concrete and recycled glass offer an environmentally friendly alternative to natural stone and solid surface materials. The countertops are not only non-porous, but durable and heat resistant, making them a great match for kitchens and bathrooms.The color choices are infinite, and the material can be shaped, cut, inlaid or mounted as one chooses—making this perfect for backsplashes, countertops and even flooring.

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