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Photo Courtesy of Sterling Cross Communications

Interior Design Meets Technology
Today’s interior designers are working with technology systems contractors like never before. No longer does the appearance of speakers have to interfere with the interior designer’s requirement for an “invisible” sound system.

Today, manufacturers like Polk Audio pre-generate products that rival and even outperform traditional floor standing loudspeaker designs.

From in-wall and in-ceiling speakers to high-performance subwoofer designs even the most discerning listener is thrilled with the performance of today’s designs, while catering to the esthetic desires of the interior designer, and of course “her.”

Photo Courtesy of Sterling Cross Communications

Remote Possibility
The days of having five or more remote controls on the coffee table are becoming a thing of the past. With a stack of equipment to control, the user has to remember which remote controls what, and frequently becomes frustrated with the complexity of performing even the simplest of tasks.

Today’s remotes are programmed by the Technology Systems Contractor to control every piece of gear with the touch of ONE button. When the button “watch TV” is pressed, all of the equipment’s power, inputs and the like are automatically configured for them to all work like” magic.”

To go to “watch a DVD” again, all the necessary controls automatically switch. Finally, a remote that is easy to use.

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