Home Modesty Is So Five Minutes Ago

The Midwest may be late in getting the hottest and newest trends, but the GLBT community is only fashionably late, and we know how to work our entrance—no matter if it’s Prada or a new imported Italian leather couch.

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Estimates by Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies are that US homeowners spent $104.6 billion on remodeling projects in 2001, with estimates as high as $238 billion in 2006. Where does fabulous GLBT Minneapolis rank? Number nine, of course!

Vision Remodeling has just a few tips on how a real home remodeling is done.

The neighbor across the street may have just bought the new Weber Summit S-640 Built-In Stainless LP Grill, but that’s nothing compared to what can be put in place. How about adding some outdoor refrigeration, stone countertops, computer-controlled lighting and music—oh, and let’s top that off with a beverage center and wet bar. These hot outdoor kitchens became all the rage in the West, where the weather is more favorable than here in Minnesota. But new designs have been combined with heating systems that make them work year-round, while the neighbor’s expensive grill sits idle for nine months. Though these outdoor kitchens will beat any grill, they can come at a hefty price ranging from $10,000 to $500,000.

After a hard day of showing off the greatest outdoor kitchen on the block, you might need some hardcore pampering afterward. Why fight traffic to go to a spa, when walking down the hallway to a Home Spa bathroom is so much easier? These in-home spas start with natural wood or stone floors that are heated from beneath to avoid cold-morning tile problems. Of course, they just must include a hot tub and multihead, direction-jet, massaging shower, both essential to relaxing. And to ensure that you don’t grow bored while being sprayed with water from every direction, Vision Remodeling can install minifridges, plasma TVs, and digital music systems, all with waterproof remotes. This small comfort can run from $50,000 to $300,000.

To end the perfect night of cooking and pampering, relax in a custom Home Theater & Media Room. It isn’t just a room with a nice 40-inch LCD. That’s just a room with a TV. The media room needs the 60-inch LCD at least. The major television companies already have started making 100-inch LCDs. Once the professionals have hauled the TV through the hole in the side of your house you carved specifically for the TV, endow the room with surround sound (naturally), plus some high-tech seats that not only are comfortable, but also can be programmed to interact with the television, Blu-Ray player, lights, etc. Cap off the perfect viewing experience with a custom popcorn maker. All this will set you back about $25,000 to $250,000.

The Twin Cities is one of the best GLBT communities in the country. Why move somewhere else, when you can create the perfect outdoor kitchen, spa, and movie theater—all in the same place?

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