So, the hundreds of beer choices not enough? Too lazy to go to the bar and buy a beer? Feel like the 1920s were the best decade? Well, here is an easy, simple, at-home method to making your very own beer!
Step 1: Make sure your partner fully agrees with you or you have an excellent hiding place in the house.

Step 2: Buy the at-home brewery kit. For novices, they can be found as a complete set either locally at stores like Barkingside Co. or online at <www.brew-monkey.com>. This should top out at around $150.

Step 3: Buy the ingredients you so desire. This can be accomplished with the kit or for the master-brewsman, these can be purchased individually to cater to your personal taste buds. Dave Miller’s Homebrewing Guide: Everything You need to Know to Make Great Tasting Beer will come in handy

Step 4: Sanitize everything. That means actually washing everything in the dishwasher with a sanitizing solution. Dirt or bacteria will create problems later on.

Step 5: Make sure your hiding spot is still well-hidden. It’s too late to turn back now and explain the credit card charges.

Step 6: Start making your new, fabulous tasting beer. Either by following the instructions on your prebought kit or from a recipe you’ve found, you should be able to make a well-fermented beer. This can take up to five days or more. A beer must finish fermenting before you try to bottle it (unless you want to watch what happens when you get greedy—not a good thing).

Step 7: Bottling. This sounds simple, but is a crucial point and can make or break your entire brew. So, follow your instructions carefully. Sadly, once you’ve bottled it, you have to wait another two weeks to finish the process.

Step 8: Drink it all, horde it from your friends and family. Enjoy your creation to the last drop is gone and start again.

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