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Every day, I am bombarded with products and services claiming to be the world’s next green sensation. But constantly, I am disappointed by abuse of the term—companies seemingly concentrating on the color of cash rather than the survival of the planet. If a truly green company is out there, it deserves mention. I want real green change, not 15-cent grocery bags.Photo by Jonathan Chapman

I came across High Tech Energy Solutions a few weeks ago while agonizing over this very problem. In a world of so-called greener hybrid SUVs that still get the same dismal gas mileage as their dirty counterparts, my new discovery, I thought, was just another company that felt turning its copy machines off every night entitled it to wear an ecobadge. So, when my opportunity came to speak with the business, I jumped at the opportunity to discredit it. Call me mean-spirited, but I can’t stand deception anymore.

High Tech claims to be a source of environmentally friendly home-improvement products specifically geared to efficiency and sustainability. Fair enough, but can this company back it up?

I set out to find the greenest of the green, the product in High Tech’s arsenal that single-handedly could stop global warming, quell pollution, and save the pandas in a single use. Ambitious, yes, but I was on a rampage. But the more I looked, the better I began to feel. Each of the company’s products was selected carefully and designed skillfully with the planet in mind.

Still a skeptic, I continued to scour for anything that might be considered dirty, shady, or just a little bit off color—but I found nothing. Many went so far as to be not only green products themselves, but also constructed in environmentally sound, zero-waste facilities. I had to read on.

LED lighting, solar thermal heating, and FSC-certified and recovered wood flooring, each meticulously chosen to be the cleanest and best available. High Tech takes the time to make sure that all its products are researched thoroughly, and embody the true spirit of the green movement.

One product that stood out to me in particular was a new type of flooring system developed by VAST Enterprises. This one screams green. It is, as described, an alternative to cement—a composite material formed into paving stones to be used for patios, sidewalks, driveways, and a number of other applications. Made from 95 percent recycled material, the stones are guaranteed to never crack, even in harsh Minnesota winters.

“Vast is a remarkable recycled building product,” according to Kevin Leehan of High Tech, “We’ve done a number of patios with the product this season already.”

In keeping with sustainability, the pavers can be fully recycled, even after being set. And because they are lighter than traditional concrete, they cost less to transport and install.

It gets even better. Because they are made from reclaimed material, every 1,000 square feet prevents 500 scrap tires and 15,000 plastic bottles from being buried in landfills.

And the manufacturing is even green. The VAST Enterprises factory is a zero-waste and zero-emissions facility. This means that during production, nothing is thrown away, and nothing goes into the atmosphere.

It’s nice to know that a company out there has the consumer’s best interest in mind, to draw on the cliché. High Tech Energy Solutions goes out of its way to ensure that all products sold meet the highest standards. And it passes this knowledge on to you, with honesty and understanding.

Leehan says, “We offer energy audits—energy performance evaluations. We go in and assess the situation, and make recommendations. What should you tackle first? You may think that new windows will be the best energy-saving move, when in reality it may be a more-effective and less-expensive water heater.”

The theory is that honesty rewards with repeat business. High Tech maintains that it is in the business of selling solutions before products. In a world where the word “green” carries so much weight, take comfort in knowing at least one company still is committed to the movement’s true meaning.

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