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“The house is a living, breathing thing,” according to Dan Thees, President of Hi-Tech Energy Solutions. Most homeowners who have lived in their homes long enough to know all the structural quirks would agree. The water heater that seems to have a cruel sense of humor; the kitchen floor that craves any kind of attention—positive or negative; the passive-aggressive radiators that grumble all through the winter. These little quirks can entail more than the extra time it takes to run a hot bath: Wasted energy costs money, and considering how we currently get our energy, it is ultimately bad for the environment.

Thees saw a need for a more environmentally friendly and energy-conscious approach to homes and businesses, so he and some of his colleagues in the construction and remodeling business decided to partner to fill a niche.

“We can see how that living, breathing envelope is performing, where the weak spots are, and where the costly areas might be,” Thees states.

Though Hi-Tech has been in business only a short while, Thees sees the green building movement gaining momentum in the Twin Cities.

Thees says, “What has surprised me is the quality and the products that people are looking for these days. They do their homework! And they already have quite a bit of information about what it is that they’re looking for, and they understand how quality can be worth [more] money than sometimes buying a lower-priced product up front.

One product in particular that Thees often recommends is called H-Windows, which are highly energy-efficient, and also very durable. Hi-Tech also carries recycled pavers, solar products, roofing, siding, flooring, countertop solutions, and lighting. Currently, it offers 27 products, but more are being added all the time.

Information about all of the products is available at www.hitechenergysolutions.com.

In order to find where a consumer might see the biggest impact for the dollar, the company can perform an energy audit. Thees points out that the major culprits are often major appliances, or the heating and water systems. Sometimes, though, surprises can appear, like good quality windows and doors that may not have been installed properly. While the audit is not free, the company will apply the cost to any purchases the homeowner would make from High Tech.

To set up a free in-home consultation, call (651) 204-0922.

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