Glutes that Look Great in ’08

Having a great backside is always a head turner. It can fill out your jeans, improve your confidence, and give athletic performance a boost. Today, we’re going to talk about my favorite exercise to build a tight, strong backside.

This exercise is called the two-armed swing. It is typically done with a kettlebell, but in this case, we’ll use a dumbbell, because it is more readily available. Sit back and grab the dumbbell, then push your hips forward and squeeze your backside. Allow the dumbbell to move between your legs as you sit back into the starting position. Repeat without setting the dumbbell down. The dumbbell should move in a swinging motion, similar to a swing at a park. Your posture should be proud during the entire exercise. Your arms act like hooks, but they do not bend. If you’re feeling the exercise in your arms or shoulders, relax them, and let your hips do the work.

You can perform these two times a week, during your lower body workouts. An average man should be able to do 30 lbs. to start. A man with a smaller frame should start with 25 lbs., and a strong man should start with 40 lbs. Start with 5 sets of 5 to practice setting up, then work into sets of 15 to 45 reps.

Perfect this exercise, and people will hate to see you go, but love to watch you walk away!

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