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So, the dryer has learned to walk across the room—nothing wrong with that. The ice dispenser on the refrigerator likes to shoot ice at you randomly while you walk by—OK, maybe not the best new trick. The stove has decided that it likes the guessing game—maybe it’ll heat your food; maybe it’ll just burn it. Who knows? It’s part of the game of “Life with Malfunctioning Appliances.” Unless you love this game, it’s probably time to do something about it. Enter Appliance Doctors.

In a time of economic uncertainty, replacing appliances that have formed less-than-pleasant personality traits is usually the last thing people are concerned about, but probably one of the first things that needs to be dealt with.

Eric Larson of Appliance Doctors says that the average repair is around the $200 mark. That comes in a lot cheaper than even the most basic of new appliances, which can run upward into the multithousand-dollar range. And, if you just spent a sum on appliances, repeating the process can be a less than thrilling idea.

Even if money isn’t your concern when buying a new appliance, the environment should be.

“Some places don’t even recycle. [The appliances] just rot on the ground,” Larson points out.

Those rotting appliances include harmful parts that no one will ever do anything about—like ozone-depleting chemicals that are used to cool refrigerators and freezers.

At Appliance Doctors, Larson explains, “We do the recycling. We strip them out, take all the harmful stuff out, and bring the metal casings down to the recycling center.”

Larson and crew also repair old machines, even ones from the 1950s, should you fancy something less modern.

“It’s an extensive process for us. We give them new motors with new drive couplings and other new parts,” Larson relates.

So, unless being chased down by a dryer, or getting in some batting practice with the fridge, is appealing to you, call  Appliance Doctors, and let its staff help you out. The company not only fixes appliances, but sells them as well.

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