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Many realtors find their passion for the industry later in life—not so for Brad Palecek of Edina Realty, who says, “It’s really something I wanted to do my entire life! I wanted to do it in high school, and decided I better go to college and get my degree. I did that, and then started real estate shortly thereafter.”

Getting involved in the real estate business as a younger person gave Palecek a unique perspective, as well as a long-term outlook for solid investments.

Palecek explains, “My approach has always been that I want you to call me when you’re ready to make the next move, so I have a vested interest in making sure you make a smart decision this time. Because if you don’t, you’re not going to be able to buy again.”

However, Palecek admits that finding a smart financial buy can be tricky: “Just because they have their heart set on a condo, maybe a duplex would be a better investment for them.”

Palecek suggests that saving money by renting out a portion of a property might allow a buyer to get into a nicer neighborhood, which ultimately could lead to a more secure value when the time comes to sell.

Being able to show clients a wider variety of properties can take time, which is why it’s critical to find a real estate agent whose schedule is up to the task.

“Make sure they have a proven track record, and always ask how many homes and how many customers at any given time they are comfortable working with, and that will ensure [clients] will always get great quality service,” Palecek advises.

In addition to providing a flexible schedule for his clients, being affiliated with Edina Realty allows Palecek to be incredibly efficient.

“Edina Realty has the largest market share of all homes listed and sold in the Twin Cites,” Palecek points out. “I am able to find properties faster. I get the inside scoop—very often before properties even go on the market.”

For his sellers, Palecek finds that nowadays, the Internet is key.

According to Palecek, “What I’m providing my sellers is a very, very aggressive online marketing effort: providing them with virtual tours; professional photography; having their listings on Yahoo and Google, and a variety of different Web sites—which is what the consumer demands.”

For more information, including a searchable property database, visit Palecek can be reached via his Web site, or at (612) 839-6029.

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