Bohemian Cirko Comes To Town: Because We Care Hosts HIV/AIDS Benefit Show

Picture yourself, pink fluffy cloud of cotton candy in hand, strolling along a bustling carnival midway. All around you, sideshow buskers extol the virtues of their exotic, mysterious curiosities. Giant, fantastical-headed stilt-walkers amble through the crowd—people frozen, mouths agape, as they watch a sword-swallowing he-man court danger by balancing himself on a 16-inch nail.
Does this superhuman marvel cheat death once more? Good news! You’ll get to find out for yourself June 14, when the circus is coming—actually, to be more precise, the Bohemian Cirko.

A modern day circus sideshow, replete with fire-eating glass-walkers and fanciful clowns, it promises to be a night of sensory delight for everyone. Best of all, it’s for a good cause. The event benefits Because We Care Minnesota, a nonprofit organization providing funds to HIV/AIDS service providers.

“Bohemian Cirko is for the kid in all of us,” according to event organizer and Because We Care Director Steven Katz.

On June 14, more than 60 different performers from across the country will descend on the History Theatre, 30 East 10th Street, St. Paul, transforming it into something deliciously far beyond unique. From the moment you arrive, you will be transported back to an earlier era, when the circus thrilled with exotic sights and sounds.

Your first stop is the midway. Stilt-walkers from Dragon Knight Stilt Theater mingle with the crowd, as they munch on guilty carnival goodies. Between bites of warm, sugary minidonuts, or sips from one of ten different specialty martinis created just for the evening, the crowd is treated to Dr. Wilson’s Medicine Show and a host of unusual exhibits. Even a professional lunatic keeps things interesting.

After the midway warm-up, it’s into the theater for the big show. The audience is treated to a two-hour theatrical cabaret and musical dance revue. Sprightly Fou Fou Ha performance troupe is described as a cross between The Cockettes and Dr. Seuss. Cirque Berzerk bedazzles and amazes with all manner of eye-popping performances, including fire-eaters and aerialists. In addition to the fanciful Circus Metropolis Klowns, saucy Hubba Hubba Revue delivers a good old-fashioned burlesque performance.

Tickets for Bohemian Cirko, which range from $100 to $225, directly benefit Because We Care Minnesota. It was founded in 1995 to raise funds for organizations that provide services to people living with HIV/AIDS. Tickets are available at <> or (651-292-4323). Call the Box Office, and receive a $25 discount: code word is “Lavender.”

“People with HIV/AIDS still need community support, because the epidemic hasn’t gone away,” Katz states.

Bohemian Cirko is shaping up to be a wondrous night of midsummer whimsy—a love letter to the senses. Call your friends, reserve your tickets, and prepare for an evening guaranteed to amuse, delight, and entertain. The circus is coming, and it’s unlike any you’ll ever experience.

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