Agel Executive Manager Troy Ziesmer says, “Take a pill, and put it in a jar of apple cider vinegar—which has the same acidity as our stomachs—and leave it there. And tell me what happens to that Vitamin E that you take. You would be better off taking a stone from the dirt from your yard, and eating it.”

Ziesmer is not the first to disparage many vitamin companies, but although most investigations have focused only on incorrect dosage and inaccurate labeling, he faults the delivery system itself.

“With Agel, the consistency of every sample is the same from the beginning to the end, because it’s mixed perfectly before it’s poured into the product,” Ziesmer states.

Because Agel’s supplements are delivered via pharmaceutical grade gel, as opposed to a compressed powder pill, the vitamins contained actually are being absorbed by the body. Moreover, Agel products come without the caffeine, high-sugar price tag of other gel supplements.

Currently, the company carries products designed to support weight loss, healthy joints and heart, and mental clarity, energy; minimize the aging process; and prolong a healthy life. Agel also has added a skin care line packed with moisturizers and antioxidants to improve elasticity and rebuild collagen.

Perhaps it’s not surprising, then, that Agel has grown so quickly. It follows a home-based business model where representatives order boxes of product, complete the necessary training, and begin to expand their client network rapidly.

However, Ziesmer is quick to point out that the products really sell themselves: “This company is pretty simple in its philosophy, and that’s to bring pharmaceutical grade products that go into your system within moments of taking it, instead of having to take those horse pills that people are taking that are maybe effective after 30 days.”

Becoming involved with Agel rewrote Ziesmer’s workweek from 100 hours down to 20, maintaining a very healthy income. It’s hard to argue with a career switch that allows so much free time, and it’s even harder to argue with Ziesmer, who has a rare passion for his new path.

“It’s not about the products, or telling people how much it can change their lives. It’s about helping them build a team, and helping them change their lives. That’s why I continue to do it,” Ziesmer enthuses.

For more information about Agel’s products, or getting involved with the company, visit the Web site (any information one sends in is treated as confidential), or simply give Ziesmer a call.

Name of Company: Agel

Year Founded: 2005

President/CEO: Glen Jensen

Number of Employees: Agel is an international company

Phone: (612) 396-8769, 1-888-831-8769

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