2008 Home & Yard Trends

Home & Yard Boulevard Section

Sophisticated Elegance

Black and white paint hues enhance opulent living spaces filled with accessories, lighting, mirrors, and rich fabrics. If you’re looking for that unexpected color punch, add related hues such as dramatic red, or you could maintain the room’s classic undertones by adding a subtle pink or taupe.

Go Green
It’s the newest “neutral” color. Plants can add a subtle backdrop and reflect an ecoconsiousness environment. Ferns and palms coupled with clear blue or aqua midtone hues create a warm and inviting living space.

Garden Ponds
If done right, garden ponds have the ability to take an ordinary space of yard, and turn it into something extraordinary. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing an elegant oasis in your backyard. For most, simplicity is key. Overdoing a pond very quickly can take away from the tranquil and beautiful nature, and turn it into a labor-intensive chore.

Lawn Statues
Lawn statues are tricky at the best of times. Flamingos and garden gnomes easily will turn any yard into a sore sight. A lawn statue should work with the surroundings, and enhance the already natural look of the yard. A statue that stands out may distract from the otherwise lush lawn unless done properly as a true centerpiece.

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