91.2% purchase from a business because it advertises in LAVENDER
84.4% recommend LAVENDER advertisers to others
64.7% consider purchasing from our advertisers even if the price is higher
27.1% of LAVENDER readers make $100,000 or more

10.2% of Lavender readers make $200K or more
71.2% of Lavender readers have one or more degrees
45.5% of Lavender readers who own a home plan to remodel
33.4% of Lavender readers own a home valued at $300,000-$999,999

Source: The Media Audit’s independent survey of Minneapolis St. Paul media

According to new data and analysis, Washington, DC-based Witeck Communications, a strategic public relations and marketing communications firm, estimates that America’s GLBT buying power is now almost 1 trillion dollars.

Lavender’s BigGayNews.com has more than 84,000 followers on Twitter.

83.3% of Lavender readers do not have children, so they have the disposable income to spend on themselves, and that’s doubly true for same-sex couples with no children.

Lavender readers have been supporting Lavender advertisers since June 1995.

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